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Press Paws Cat Cafe & Game Room WAIVER

We hope you have a pawsitively wonderful experience at Press Paws Cat Café & Game Room.

We need your a-furr-mative agreement to enter our cat room.

By entering our cat room, you agree to the following Release of Liability, Covenant Not to Sue, and Assumption of the Risk and Indemnification:

In consideration of entering to Press Paws LLC, located at 1109 Summer Street, Burlington, IA 52601


1. That interaction with cats can result in injury, including, but not limited to, biting or scratching without warning or provocation. By entering the cat room and executing this “Release of Liability, Covenant Not to Sue and Assumption of the Risk and Indemnification”, I am knowingly, voluntarily and willingly assuming all liability and assumption of the risk related to interaction with the cats. This includes, but is not limited to, injuries of any kind, bites, scratches, infections, illness, allergies, and physical, emotional and financial injuries and damages, some or all of which may be severe (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Injuries”).

2. That the cats provided for in the Cat Lounge come from all different backgrounds including, but not limited to, previously being homeless, stray, abandoned, abused, neglected and/or have health or behavioral problems. They have been provided by an accredited agency and are in good health and temperament to the best of their knowledge. This does not in any way guarantee the behavior, or health of the cats it provides.

3. You will treat the cats kindly, gently and with respect and appropriately watch for signs of irritation or aggression from the cats.

4. Though Press Paws strives to provide only those cats that have received appropriate and sufficient medical care, it cannot guarantee the health, mental stability, and/or the lack of parasites or any other attribute or condition.

5. If Injuries occur which require medical or other treatment of any sustained directly or indirectly as a result of entering the cat room or any activity involving or related to animals at Press Paws, I agree to be fully liable, legally, financially or otherwise for any and all costs, expenses or other burdens incurred as a result of such care.

6. I fully understand the potential for risks and the conditions indicated within and hereby agree that I, on behalf of myself and my heirs, executors, guardians, administrators, legal representatives, successors and assigns, promise to not bring, support, or cause to be brought any claim or action, legal or otherwise against Press Paws LLC, Des Moines County Humane Society, and their respective owners, employees, volunteers, agents partners, and board members.

7. I agree to indemnify, release and forever hold harmless the Press Paws LLC, Des Moines County Humane Society, and their respective owners, employees, volunteers, agents, partners, and board members (collectively referred to as the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, losses, expenses, attorneys’ fees, damages and liabilities, including claims of negligence, related to any physical, mental or psychological impact, illness, allergy or injury and any economic, physical, personal property or emotional loss that I may suffer.

8. I understand that any Injury or other outcomes may arise from my own or others’ actions, inaction, or negligence and I nonetheless assume all related risks known and unknown to me.

9. If I pursue any legal action and I am awarded judgement, the monetary amount plus Press Paws LLC's legal fees will be returned to us.

10. I am eighteen (18) years old or older.


IF ANY GUESTS ACCOMPANYING THE ENTRANT ARE MINORS (under the age of eighteen) [hereinafter referred to as “Minor Guest(s)”], THE UNDERSIGNED ENTRANT AGREES TO THE FOLLOWING:

I, undersigned Entrant having authority over the care and wellbeing of the below listed Minor Guest(s) do hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against any and all Injuries, loss, damages, costs, expenses, actions, claims, suits (in law or in equity) and demands whatsoever (including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees incident to any claim, suit action or proceeding) arising out of or resulting from any demand, claim, suit or cause of action of any kind, which may be brought by or on behalf of the Minor Guest(s) being on the premises and I am assuming and accepting the assumption of risks as described for the Minor Guest(s) listed below.

New Covid-19 Indemnification Agreement: We assume all responsibilities to enter Press Paws Cat Cafe & Game Lounge's premises and hold them and all associates harmless arising from Covid-19. We certify to the best of our knowledge we are not currently at risk of exposing persons to Covid-19 at Press Paws. We agree not to bring any form of legal action to Press Paws LLC regarding Covid-19.

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